Students learn foundational mental health knowledge and skills

Brain Health Bootcamp covers all key concepts to prepare students to recognize, manage, and prevent mental health conditions

Key concepts

Understanding Brain Health

Learn how mental health is “brain health,” how stigma affects us, and how the brain works and where it goes wrong.

Understanding Brain Health Conditions

Take a deep dive into each type of brain health condition: how they’re diagnosed, where they come from, treatments, and common misconceptions.

Proactive & Preventative Skills

Understand where stress comes from and how to cope with it through coping skills, exploring emotions, and learning about the brain and body connection.

Crisis Skills

Explore topics of suicide, self-harm, and panic attacks and learn how to prepare for, recognize, and intervene in a brain health crisis.

Substance Use

Consider the link between brain health and substance use and explore how different substances impact our brains.

Getting Treatment

Find out how to get help for brain health challenges and what options are available for therapy, medications, and community support.

Helping Others

Discover warning signs of brain health challenges in others and learn how to start the conversation about brain health.


Explore the impacts of society and culture on brain health for different identities, reflect on your own identities, and learn how to find culturally competent care.
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