Comprehensive & engaging brain health education, tailored to your school

A breakdown of the Brain Health Bootcamp
A breakdown of the Brain Health Bootcamp

BHB is an online, self-administered program that guides students through videos and visuals to demystify brain health, and uses quizzes to reinforce lessons learned

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BHB is designed and built from the input of psychiatrists, physicians, students, teachers, and parents. All content is curated and reviewed by medical experts
How do schools participate?

Participation in and administration of BHB is designed to be simple, stress-free, and at no-cost for schools.
Once a school has demonstrated interest byRequesting a Demowe guide school staff along our
Three-Step Deployment Process

Three-Step Deployment Process

Our three-part, step-by-step process ensures the program is successfully implemented and produces a lasting, positive impact within the school



Takes 2 weeks on average
Must be completed before Rollout & Implementation

This is the step where we meet with school administrators and educators and gather the information needed to effectively support the school and customize BHB to their needs. This step often takes about 2 weeks, and it must be completed before rollout begins. We recommend schools start the Onboarding process the semester before their intended rollout. 

  1. Point person introduction. We ask the school to assign a point person to help facilitate the rollout of BHB at the school, as well as the contact information for the school counselor. 
  2. Demo. We set up a virtual meeting with the point person (and other key school admin) via zoom to explain how BHB works or send a demo video that explains the process. During this meeting, we seek to learn more about the school and the needs of the student body.
  3. Information gathering. We will reach out to the school counselor to gather necessary information about the school’s mental health resources. This information will be collected in a google doc that the counselor can easily fill out. This will help us build a custom, school-specific resources pages for students.
  4. Set up date for BHB launch. After all key personnel are made aware of BHB through steps 2 and 3, we will coordinate with the school to set up a specific time the BHB will be administered to students. Oftentimes, schools may give a launch date while meeting with us in steps 2 and 3, but we may coordinate via email about this as well or set up an additional meeting to answer any questions or concerns anyone has. 
  5. Adapting BHB for the school. Using the data we have gathered about the school and its mental health resources, we will develop a version of the BHB to meet the particular needs of the school. 


Rollout & Implementation



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