Early action saves lives

Evidence-based solutions for schools, companies, and community organizations to increase mental health literacy, prevent suicide and crises, and promote lifelong wellness for young people

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Research shows that mental health literacy promotes early action and better life outcomes

Youth mental health problems are prevalent and consequential, yet widely misunderstood and unaddressed.

• 1 in 3 teens struggles with their mental health.
• 75% of lifetime mental illness begins in adolescence.
• 50% of those struggling never seek help.

Decades of research show that mental health literacy (knowledge about the recognition, management, and prevention of mental health conditions) is proven to drive early action and therefore positive student outcomes like increased graduation rates, decreased incarceration, decreased substance use, and more.
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Easily measure and improve
mental health literacy at your school

Evidence-based, online assessments

The first step to helping students increase mental health literacy is assessing existing knowledge, stigma, and current behaviors through our adapted Mental Health Literacy Scale for adolescents.

Engaging content that resonates with students

Our interactive program covers key concepts with short-form videos and visuals. In one hour, students get the foundational knowledge and skills they need to recognize, manage, and prevent mental illness.
Health literacy is a stronger predictor of health status than age, income, employment status, education level, race, or ethnic group.
Early treatment is effective and can help young people stay in school and on track to achieving their life goals.

Join educators and administrators nationwide who are prioritizing student mental health literacy

Get access to Brain Health Bootcamp with no training required
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Students take the one-hour Brain Health Basics program in class

Increase mental health literacy in your class, school, or district with Brain Health Bootcamp

Join educators and administrators nationwide who are prioritizing student mental health literacy.

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Dr. Lynn Fiellin
Yale Doctor, Behavioral Health Specialist
The Brain Health Bootcamp uniquely fills a critical gap by providing engaging, evidence-informed content about mental health and mental illness to adolescents, families, and community members
Dr. Renee Mapp
Program Coordinator, Senior Education Specialist, Counselor
My students felt that the Bootcamp was very informative and beneficial. I believe BHB is a good way to get young people to think introspectively without feeling, or having the fear of being stigmatized about discussing what they are feeling during this tumultuous time. A few of our students have even felt comfortable enough to seek assistance from outside sources, just to talk.
Nancy Slocum
Health & Fitness Teacher, Camp Director, Coach
I took the Brain Health Bootcamp and just want to say I thought it was EXCELLENT!!!! Thank you for providing such a useful tool! I introduced it to a few of my classes and had one student come up to me after class and gush about how grateful they are to see such an accurate portrayal of mental health challenges.
Public High School Student
Doing the Brain Health Bootcamp was a really great experience for me. It gave me a much better understanding about mental health as a whole, why it is referred to as brain health, and how you can work on your brain health even if you aren't currently struggling. I feel much more comfortable having conversations about this with my friends now that I am more informed and think I have become a more understanding person because of this program.

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