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One in six children has a mental illness (or brain illness) that is treatable. Don't let brain health go unchecked. Every adolescent, parent, and community member should understand brain health.

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What is brain health?

Brain health measures a person’s ability to function well in daily life and work. This includes making decisions, solving problems, interacting successfully with others, and enjoying an emotional balance.

The end of "mental illness" begins with treating brain health

The common misconception about "mental illness" is that it is a reflection of a person's personality or moodiness. In reality, "mental illness" is a very real health problem that attacks your brain. We need to reframe "mental illness" as brain illness in order to shed the stigmatization and shame that plagues society and prevents diagnoses and proper treatment.

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Brain health is a widely misunderstood topic and everyone starts with their own biases; that's okay. That's why we are all here to learn. Click on the video above, explore brain health conditions, and start learning today.