Reimagine mental health in 30 mins

"The Brain Health Bootcamp uniquely fills a critical gap by providing engaging, evidence-informed content about mental health and mental illness to adolescents, families, and community members"
Lynn Fiellin, MD
Yale Doctor, Behavioral Health Specialist
What is the Brain Health Bootcamp?
What is the Brain Health Bootcamp?

The Brain Health Bootcamp is an online program for students, parents, and school communities to learn about brain health: what it is, how to talk about it, and how to get help

Our Goals

Increase awareness
& understanding

Reduce stigma

Encourage more people to seek help

Why Brain Health ?
Why brain health?

Let’s reclassify mental health as brain health to emphasize that these conditions are physical and treatable

Why do adolescents need brain health education?

76% of all brain health conditions emerge in adolescence, and delays in treatment lead to worsened conditions that are harder to treat

Sources: CDC, WHO
How can brain health literacy make a difference?

Brain health literacy leads to heightened awareness, increased help-seeking, and better outcomes

Sources: NIH, NAMI
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